Personal Security Management


Secure Source provides a full suite of intelligence, cyber, and physical security services to families, individuals and entities. Secure Source combines more than 30-years of experience and expertise in a comprehensive service, the Family Security Program.

Our underlying principal is to implement a risk management system that utilizes proper and proportionate measures, considering the privacy and lifestyle of the Client, to appropriately counteract, deter and respond to risk."

Simon Atkinson, Director

Family Security Program

The foundation of our Family Security Program is the Risk Assessment. Our analysts deploy rigorous techniques to identify, assess, and proactively mitigate risks. We collaborate with Family Office leadership to build a program tailored to secure the Client and family members from physical, commercial and/or reputational harm.

Following a risk assessment,

each Client is assigned a Trusted Risk Advisor, responsible for all arrangements and protective services. In an emergency, SSI is immediately available to provide advice and support. The following services may be utilized:

Existing residential security measures (including alarm systems, camera coverage, security & safety procedures, etc.), are reviewed and assessed. A comprehensive security plan will then be presented to outline any adaptations and/or additions. Secure Source will organize, supervise, and validate any subsequent implementation.

Prior to encountering a security-related crisis situation, it is important for Family Office Management to proactively test their Crisis Management Team’s ability to respond. Secure Source can provide a full-suite of services ranging from plan development, to testing existing plans with relevant scenarios/exercises. During an emergency, it is necessary to act quickly, effectively, and with authority. Secure Source can deploy appropriate personnel to augment the Crisis Management Team and rapidly respond to any emergency situation.

If warranted, Secure Source will deploy Preventive Surveillance teams to identify any persons displaying signs of elevated interest. Any Subject can then be investigated to determine if they pose a threat to the Client. Our teams are also experts at identifying physical surveillance and electronic eavesdropping devices.

The Client and family staff will be regularly briefed on any current and emerging social media risks. An array of risk-based training programs are also available to safeguard family members.

Secure Source can assist in conducting due diligence, background verification, threat mitigation and directed interviews of key hires, or any other personnel.

Family PCs, laptops, and mobile devices will be inventoried and vulnerabilities assessed. In addition, Secure Source will determine the risks of any Internet connected system. Social media monitoring, through our proprietary 'Accepted Risk' platform, will also identify and assess messages, postings, links and trending activity that may pose a risk. Additional real-time monitoring and link analysis can be performed, as necessary or requested.

Providing the right level of security during travel is a key component of our Family Security Program. From family foundation trips to private yacht travel into high-threat areas, Secure Source can provide solutions. Services range from a country report for foreign travel, to being met by trusted and vetted security-trained drivers and close protection personnel. Secure Source will coordinate with the Client to ensure that all security measures are commensurate to the risk and do not negatively impact the Client’s intent.

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