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About us

We build value by applying collective knowledge and experience and provide world-class security risk mitigation services to safeguard People, Property & Information.

Our responsive security services are predicated on the belief that expertise, confidentiality, and discretion are the hallmarks of superior customer service & client satisfaction. Three decades have proven the success of this formula."

- Dave Nicastro, President & Founder

Dave Nicastro CPP, CFE

President & Founder
Following a distinguished career that took the former Marine Security Guard and member of the U.S. Secret Service from his post at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut to the White House and, ultimately, into the highest echelons of corporate America, Dave founded Secure Source, Inc. in 1993, a premier global risk mitigation and executive protection firm whose original mission, to provide a first-class professional security service with a wide range of service capabilities, is still intact today. Following the acquisition by Global Options, Inc. in 2006, Dave and his original leadership team re-established Secure Source in 2010.

Dave has published numerous articles and has been a featured expert on security issues for major television networks providing best practices insight on the most challenging problems facing countries and corporations today.

Simon Atkinson

Director EMEA
Following distinguished service as an Officer in the UK military operating in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq, Simon established a multi-disciplinary UK-based business security and intelligence consultancy. As an Infantry officer, Simon distinguished himself as an Interrogation instructor, and Operations Officer, HUMINT Team Commander and Training Director with the Irish Royal Rangers in Northern Ireland. Simon subsequently undertook and excelled as a covert Agent Handler.

Since entering private industry, Simon has brought value to multinational corporations, allied governments, NGO’s and private family clients by organizing and managing ‘Intelligence-Led’ projects in more than 80 countries. He has experience in a wide variety of security and intelligence operations, including corporate due diligence, FCPA compliance inquiries, corporate research operations, complex Risk Assessments, international money laundering investigations, Executive Protection, and the tracking of those involved in the international trade in protected species, Kidnap/Ransom/Extortion advisory, and covert surveillance.

John H. Nation

General Counsel | Texas A&M & Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
John maintains disciplines in legal, data analysis, compliance, finance, and has overseen numerous, high-profile, open-source and digital investigations. He has a skillset focused on LATAM and China, which ranges from the practical knowledge of required paperwork for travel between provinces to government job requirements in Brazil. He has provided invaluable insight into complex legal issues concerning fast-moving and sensitive goals. John was sworn in before the Supreme Court of the United States by Justice Roberts and before the Texas Bar by Judge Hatton. Some of John’s previous experience includes drafting insights into Motions to Reopen concerning asylum cases, identifying disinformation from HUMINT, and facilitating multiple groups working together for a singular cause of action. John is classified as a member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a UN business affiliate, and a member of the Texas General Counsel Forum. Additionally, John is trained in alternative dispute resolution and has successfully negotiated national, and international, issues.