Enterprise Security Risk Management


Experts in protective operations, logistics, investigations and physical security, Secure Source helps clients develop the holistic plans needed to protect their organization and build resiliency in today's dynamic and ever changing climate.


Executive Protection is a very unique and specialized discipline requiring multiple proficiencies, precise planning and an analytical approach. Our Executive Protection Specialists recognize and respect the goals, preferences, lifestyle, and privacy of each individual. Armed with unmatched experience, diplomacy, and tact, Secure Source can design and implement a customized protective security solution that includes:

  • An analysis of relevant risks, threats, and vulnerabilities;
  • An evaluation of existing resources and capabilities;
  • In-depth analysis of the workplace, residences, methods of transportation and advance planning.

This blend of best practices, analysis, and protocols is consistent with the procedures employed by the highest government agency that protects the President and other world leaders – the United States Secret Service.

Secure Source is committed to the highest standards of excellence in its approach to risk mitigation. This critical process requires expertise, seasoned insight, and the ability to anticipate a multitude of threats and vulnerabilities involving the client's people and business. Secure Source believes an assessment is the foundation for helping an organization develop a holistic security master plan.

The Secure Source assessment identifies areas in which security measures are weak or lacking, and provides practical and tailored solutions to meet the individual needs or our clients. Site vulnerability assessments measure and scorecard facilities and provide real-world recommendations to shore up physical security.

With extensive experience conducting all types of investigations (domestic, international, criminal and civil), Secure Source investigators are experts in the use of highly sophisticated technical investigative techniques. This includes digital video surveillance and forensic analysis. Managed by seasoned special agents, former detectives from federal and local law enforcement agencies, and our alliances with former prosecutors, defense attorneys, a number of forensic experts, and DNA labs, Secure Source can provide unparalleled expertise in a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Litigation Support
  • Officer and Employee Misconduct
  • Witness Location
  • Asset Discovery
  • Due Diligence

Superior customer service, brand reputation, and operational efficiency are critical drivers of profitability. However, crisis management and business continuity planning are mission-critical for all private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The ability of a corporation to recover, restore and resume operations according to a reasoned and defensible plan are inherent in these goals and objectives.

A Secure Source team of highly experienced logistics and security personnel, emergency responders and expert crisis communicators can be dispatched to any worldwide location to provide:

  • On-site strategic planning
  • Training programs
  • Emergency management training
  • All-hazard mitigation preparedness, response, and recovery

Secure Source's accomplishments include the successful development of personnel evacuation plans from Egypt, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Pakistan, as well as crisis-level physical security and emergency assistance to the media, plant operators, hotels, and individuals.

Workplace Violence

A leading cause of job-related deaths in the United States is workplace violence. It is a risk for any organization. Workplace violence prevention planning and training increases the safety and security of private-sector businesses by preventing violent incidents. In addition, these programs mitigate risks while advancing business mission objectives. The Secure Source program involves HR support, employee training, surveillance, if needed, and collaboration with local law enforcement and mental health experts.

Secure Source also maintains a strategic alliance with Dr. Marc McElhaney, the author of ‘Aggression in the Workplace” and creator of a threat assessment protocol system that is both cost effective and immediately responsive. 


Executive Protection Training

Secure Source training programs are customized to meet individual client concerns and  can  be arranged at any location.

We provide basic and advanced training for individuals new to personal protection. Much of the training is based on protocols perfected by the U.S. Secret Service, but designed to fit with what is practical for most organizations. All instructors are recognized authorities in their fields.

Through an understanding of the client's culture and objectives, and utilizing industry 'best practices', Secure Source maps the processes and security controls needed to assess a clients risks and vulnerabilities.

Plans generally include:

  • Executive and key personnel protection protocols
  • Crisis management, response, and business continuity plans
  • Security design and engineering
  • Training programs
  • Table top exercises
  • Business intelligence protocols
  • Compliance monitoring and quality assurance protocols
  • Crisis Management, Response & Business Continuity
  • Investigations
  • Event Security
  • Security Design & Engineering
  • Training
  • Security Executive Search Services
  • Outsourcing of Dedicated Security Management

Secure Source provides systematic and tailored audits of security programs and departments. Their core competencies, resources, priorities, and assets are examined, enabling the client to gain an independent, objective, and expert perspective on critical gaps. Recommendations are made to address deficiencies as well as provide cost effective solutions.

Physical and technical security experts provide cutting edge technology to meet the needs of new structures, corporate campuses, and industrial facilities. A ‘master plan’ approach standardizes physical security technologies in access control, video surveillance, database management, intrusion detection, communications and key security processes. The role of the standard security guard, monitoring areas over CCTV and controlling access to facilities, has become a liability. Mission-critical services that link facility management with IT, security, audit, risk management and finance, have now become essential.

We help the client to navigate these complex considerations in the most efficient and cost-effect manner possible.

Secure Source professionals are available and have a proven track record acting as interim Directors of Security. During this process Secure Source determines the needs and culture of the client, which enables the selection of compatible candidates. Such an arrangement allows Secure Source to assist the client in building a security program, or filling the void to an existing one, until a permanent solution is found.

Secure Source has a proven record of quickly and efficiently assisting clients in filling open positions for Chief Security Officers (CSO) and other dedicated security management roles. The process generally begins by mapping the key processes and fundamental security controls. Secure Source works with the client to gain a full understanding of an organization's culture and overall objectives and selects candidates whose experience and personalities fit best. We believe this approach is key to Secure Source's success in matching candidates to clients in every engagement undertaken to date.

Secure Source provides security for events ranging from the Olympics to high profile weddings. Based upon the complexity, size, and profile of the event, Secure Source will assemble a team of highly experienced security professionals, logistics experts, emergency responders, and local law enforcement personnel to ensure overall security and safety. Each event has a unique risk environment. Adaptation and experience are critical in responding with the right level of security.

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