Executive Protection - An Opportunity for Security to Shine


Following a long day of rigorous meetings in Washington D.C., the CEO of a major corporation was escorted by a Secure Source security agent and driver to the airport FBO where he boarded his private aircraft for the trip home. Within minutes of its taxi out of sight, the aircraft returned with a mechanical problem. Upon returning to the terminal, the CEO, surprised to see the SSI agent and driver still in the lobby, was grateful to learn that Secure Source protocol provides coverage until a client aircraft is airborne.

Exhausted and frustrated, the CEO was happy to be escorted back to the hotel until departure on the following day. In the meantime, the Secure Source agent took the initiative to approach the captain of another flight with the same FBO destination, inquiring about extra space for his CEO.

All parties approved the change in plans and a very grateful CEO, able to meet his original schedule for returning home, wrote a personal note of appreciation to the Director of Security of his corporation.