Business Intelligence


Secure Source protects the lives of our clients and has saved millions in assets from being lost or stolen. Secure Source provides Business Intelligence at any level. A selection of these services are listed below.


The risks inherent in today’s financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, and other investments, are greater than ever and often involve major commitments of capital and resources. By leveraging the most comprehensive set of databases, the deepest analysis of public records, and with access to an elite network of domestic and international sources, Secure Source can enhance the success of a venture by uncovering any potential vulnerabilities.

Secure Source investigators, business intelligence analysts, and research experts specialize in complex corporate due diligence investigations in the United States and abroad, and serve as trusted advisors to financial institutions, private equity groups, and corporations and their legal counsel. Providing in-depth and insightful investigations into prospective transactions, Secure Source can minimize risk and help ensure success.

With extensive experience conducting all types of investigations (domestic, international, criminal and civil), Secure Source investigators are experts in the use of highly sophisticated technical investigative techniques. This includes digital video surveillance and forensic analysis. Managed by seasoned special agents, former detectives from federal and local law enforcement agencies, and our alliances with former prosecutors, defense attorneys, a number of forensic experts, and DNA labs, Secure Source can provide unparalleled expertise in a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Litigation Support
  • Officer and Employee Misconduct
  • Witness Location
  • Asset Discovery

Internal and external fraud, bribery, corruption, misappropriated assets, and accounting irregularities are just some of the financial risks facing businesses today. With a mix of unparalleled investigative expertise, financial acumen, and state-of-the-art technology, Secure Source conducts detailed financial analyses, utilizing forensic accountants, investigators, and computer forensic experts. Secure Source works with clients from the initial detection of suspicious activity to the final resolution.

Whether you are hiring a CEO or an entry-level employee, merging or acquiring a company, considering a new business partner or vendor, a thorough background investigation is an integral part of safeguarding an organization. Secure Source filters open source and proprietary data to collect information found in federal, state, and local court and criminal records or within the public domain. Our expert investigators can also perform in-depth background investigations and pre-employment screenings in any global location.

Reliance on technology and increased online exposure due to COVID, has created new challenges for businesses. Corporations must evolve to safeguard intellectual property, investigate fraud and protect their reputations. Secure Source provides state-of-the-art techniques allowing our clients to track web-based intellectual property theft, counterfeit goods, and the source of anonymous defamation by competitors or disgruntled employees. Computer forensic specialists enable the recovery and use of critical electronic evidence for litigation, investigations, and other fact-finding exercises.

In addition to our computer forensic experts, we can deploy forensic accountants, handwriting examiners, and psychologists/psychiatrists, to help meet the needs of any investigative matter.

Actual or potential audio and video eavesdropping detection is performed by TSCM experts with the latest, state-of-the-art detection equipment. Often, on-site monitoring of a location is required to ensure that no confidential information is being transmitted or intercepted. A written report, including recommendations, is then furnished to the client following the inspection to identify vulnerabilities and to enhance the security of any sensitive information.

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