Fraud Examination & Investigation


A Secure Source client, with restaurants throughout the southern United States, was experiencing significant maintenance cost over-runs and the company Audit Committee called for an investigation. At the center of the problem was the Chief Engineer responsible for overseeing repairs and maintenance at all company locations.

Although no criminal complaint had ever been filed, and there was no criminal record, Secure Source quickly discovered that the Engineer was a source of concern in his previous employment. Soon after this discovery, Secure Source experts uncovered a “boiler room” scheme defrauding our client by directing all work orders through one single supplier in Virginia. The vendor, also the Engineer’s brother-in-law, with only two employees simply contracted for services and tripled the amount of each invoice.

Our final report disclosed the scheme and exposed the engineer and the vendor as equal partners in crime. Secure Source was instrumental in recovering a significant amount of money for the client and in obtaining a felony conviction of the employee.