Family Security Offices - Cost Savings - Sao Paulo, Brazil


A Family Office client became extremely concerned about the effectiveness and cost of a security program that had been in place for many years. The operation cost ten million dollars per year to maintain and cover four senior family members on a 24X7 basis. Issues ranged from security personnel that often frightened and embarrassed the family, by driving too fast and acting intimidating at their children’s schools, thus creating a higher client profile than necessary. One family member mentioned that whenever they arrived at the office or social events, it looked like a head-of-state visit. In addition, they didn’t appreciate that their homes resembled a prison surrounded by barbed wire and razor-ribbon, amongst other identified service issues.

Secure Source retooled the residential security program, resolved the family's concerns and created a safer footprint, while reducing their annual budget by $5,000,000.00 (a 50% reduction).