Working with industries and organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Our case studies reflect the broad spectrum of value we provide to our clients.

Case Studies

Our portfolio echoes proven success in facilitating a wide variety of service requests throughout the world.

As a matter of confidentiality, SSI does not disclose a client list.

Case study articles


POI Investigation - LATAM

Following the acquisition of a business in a major South American city, a clients internal audit dis...

Riyadh Skyline

Travel Escorts & Planning - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A well-known social media company was sending executives to a technology conference in Riyadh that w...



As a proactive measure in March 2020, a foreign nation requested Secure Source to provide doctors, n...

Fraud Examination

Fraud Examination & Investigation

A Secure Source client, with restaurants throughout the southern United States, was experiencing sig...

Dallas Skyline

Special Event Security - Dallas, TX

(Dallas 2000 - The Pegasus Millennium Celebration, Dallas, Texas) In late 1999, Secure Source was en...


Audio Technical Countermeasures Sweeps

A Secure Source client expended many hours trying to locate a “government agency-cleared” technical ...


Penetration & Breaching

Over the years, Secure Source has been engaged to breach the physical security of structures to test...

Office Building

Enterprise Security

Shortly after the events of 9/11, Secure Source Principal, David Nicastro, was selected as the inter...

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