Natural Disaster - Global Emergency Response


Secure Source has an extensive history providing support and evacuation in the aftermath of natural disasters. Secure Source helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, and multiple other disastrous events.

In 2017, following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, our client was contracted to rebuild the Telecom infrastructure throughout Puerto Rico. However, the devastation led to violence and looting and law enforcement efforts were severely disrupted. The client was concerned about the safety of their engineers during the rebuilding process. Secure Source quickly established a presence in the client's operations center by providing 40 local, armed personnel. Our bilingual team of former law enforcement officers coordinated a support program embedding our security operators alongside the client’s field engineering teams.

In contrast to many security providers, all of our operators were local residents and fully licensed to provide armed security. Our on-ground personnel were able to offer a deeper level of support and utilize their own networks to identify potential trouble spots. Secure Source navigated the charged emotional climate to better assess and mitigate the overall risk. Over a period of 10 months, the client’s engineering teams were able to safely operate and rebuild secure in the knowledge that they could work unhindered by the threat of theft and/or violence.